Do You Know the Secret to Selling More Books?

(Hint: It requires hard work, determination, and a lot of passion)

It’s simple really. The secret to selling more books is to work hard, build an audience, and connect with readers over time in meaningful ways. The hard part is creating a plan and sticking to it.

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The Not-So-Secret Secret to Selling More Books

The secret to being a successful author isn't really a secret at all. It's actually quite simple. To sell more books, you need to have readers who want to buy them. It comes down to 4 simple steps...

Step 1: Build An Audience
Finding readers isn't difficult. Start a reading list, give away free copies of your favorite books, and share insights from your own work.
Step 2: Develop a Plan
Without a map, you'll get nowhere. Determine your goals, develop a book marketing plan, and launch it to the audience you've already built.
Step 3: Connect with Readers
Launching your book is only the beginning. Keep writing and share new work with your readers to stay top-of-mind and relevant.
Step 4: Optimize Your Funnel
Data is so important. Review what's working and what's not, then tweak your author funnel to improve book sales.

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